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...for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,A great convocation of mages, with many orders attending. 1,A midwife, weary and appalled, having delivered a tenth consecutive stillbirth. 1,The celebration of a day sacred to the city's chief cult. 1,The proprietress of a wanton-house, with her manservant. 1,The solemnization of treaty between two neighboring principalities, negotiated in the face of brutality and assassination, brave and hopeful but quite doomed. 1,The murder by strangling of an officer of the city watch. 1,A public bathing house in a wealthy city, of very good quality, where only the most refined and modish vices are permitted. 1,A ghoulish eater of dead flesh, driven by unusual lusts. 1,The corpse of a lord's hunting hound, caught in a rose-briar. 1,The written deed to a certain house, affirmed and sealed. 1,A wayhouse in which plague-victims have recently stayed. 1,A poor home shared by many families of beggars. 1,A wealthy merchant-priest with much political clout. 1,A vicious gang of cutthroats and alley-thieves. 1,A conjurer who needs blood to entice his uncouth spirits. 1,An imbiber of sorcerous drugs, seeking congress with demons. 1,A fallen-in mansion, where by night ghosts and devils meet. 1,The college of a small but prestigious magical order. 1,A tower of silver and alabaster, which rises from the sea under the new moon. 1,A squat town on the banks of a wide, long river, rich from plunder, whose men raid up and down the river in their ugly boats. 1,A decrier of the gods as false, unworthy of our attention, and his learned detractors, in heated dispute. 1,A young widower, raging, whose beautiful wife was murdered by sorcery by a romantic rival. 1,A wizard jealously guarding her magical territory. 1,The burglary of the storehouse of a powerful robber-merchant. 1,The return of a reclusive enchantress to her home. 1,A night-wisp, who devours its victims' magical potency. 1,A jaded gladiator, murderer of both enemies and friends. 1,An ambitious farmer, hungry for gossip or silver. 1,A slight and subtle demon, child of blasphemy, craving mischief. 1,The unwitting husband of a serpent-demoness. 1,The young mother of a baby prince, whose husband the king has been overthrown and put to death. 1,A baby's birth, heralded by prophets, written of in antique books, forseen by the wise. 1,A noble house's signatory ring, left behind in a street brawl. 1,A tempter devil, fond of luxury and sin, respecter of no law and every appetite, imprisoned until this very hour and minute within a stone crypt behind an old monk's garden. 1,An underground chamber, eerie with blue-green lights. 1,A devil of the lower air, malicious and full of pranks. 1,The ghost of a suicide, a person overcome by guilt and shame, who finds in death no release. 1,The warden ghost of the place, generous to the good-willed. 1,A troupe of musicians for hire, one of whom is a burglar and cutpurse. 1,The daughter of an emperor, denied nothing, prey to fleeting whims, craving discipline. 1,The unscrupulous landlady of a roadside wayhouse. 1,A precocious child disputing with philosophers and declaimers. 1,One mistakenly condemned, fled into hiding. 1,The private garden of a noble house. 1,An innkeeper who murders and robs his wealthy guests. 1,A fur-trapper, simple but good-natured, and his daughter. 1,A warehouse on the docks, full of stolen silk. 1,A band of slavers both bold and incorrigible. 1,A court dandy, casually cruel, exiled from the presence of the prince for a petty slight. 1,The flight of a prince and his forbidden lover into hiding. 1,A conjurer possessed by spirits of uncivil character. 1,A village executioner, practicing his trade on a caught burglar. </sgtable>