6th Level Dungeon

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Based on the charts found at Aeons and Augaries, here: http://aeonsnaugauries.blogspot.com/2011/11/dungeon-stocking-table.html
Traps based on material from http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.hu/
Monsters come with source rulebook reference.

This is the 6th level of a dungeon, appropriate for characters of level 10+.

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Room 1


Room 2


Room 3


Room 4


Room 5


Room 6


Room 7


Room 8


Room 9


Room 10


Room 11


Room 12




250,Empty 5,Dungeoneer Cache: [cache] 45,Unguarded Treasure: [treasure] 150,Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster] 100,Monster and Treasure
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Treasure:[treasure] 30,Monster and Trap
Damage:[damage] (if applicable)
20,Monster, Treasure, and Trap
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Treasure: [treasure]
Trap: [trap]
Damage:[damage] (if applicable) 100,Trap
Damage:[damage] (if applicable)
50,Trap and Treasure
Damage:[damage] (if applicable)
Treasure: [treasure] 40,Mural: [mural] 30,Statue: [statue] 2,Throne: [throne] 1,Monster and Throne
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Throne: [throne] 11,Altar: [altar] 10,Monster and Altar
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Altar:[altar] 5,Treasure and Altar [altar] 4,Doorways: [doorways] 45,Roots: [roots] 25,[lock] Trapdoor: [trapdoor] 7,Fireplace [fireplace] 3,Monster and Fireplace
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Fireplace: [fireplace] 36,Fungus: [fungus] 3,Fountain: [fountain] 3,Monster and Fountain:
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Fountain: [fountain] 5,Cauldron: [cauldron] 1,Monster and Cauldron
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
Cauldron: [cauldron] 5,Mirror: [mirror] 3,Stairs [stair] 3,Stairs [stair] and Monster
Monster: [Level 6 Monster.monster]
3,Pool: [pool] 2,Mist: [mist]


1,Up 1,Down


1,[ttypeK] 1,[ttypeL] 1,[ttypeM] 1,[ttypeN] 1,[ttypeO] 1,[ttypeP]


75% 1 sword, weapon or armor; 75% 2 potions; 50% any 2 1000,12000gp 75,12000gp and [sword weapon armor] 75,12000gp and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.potion] 50,12000gp and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 56,12000gp and [sword weapon armor] and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.potion] 38,12000gp and [sword weapon armor] and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 38,12000gp and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 28,12000gp and [sword weapon armor] and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.potion]


6,17000gp 4,17000gp and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item];


7,8000gp 3,8000gp and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]


50% any 4 +1 potion + 1 scroll 5,9000gp 5,9000gp and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.scroll]


6,5000gp 4,5000gp and [Magic Item.magic item]


75% 1 sword, weapon or armor; 75% 1 potion; 30% any 1 300,6000gp 75,6000gp and [sword weapon armor] 75,6000gp and [Magic Item.potion] 30,6000gp and [Magic Item.magic item] 56,6000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.potion] 23,6000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 23,6000gp and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 7,6000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.potion]

sword weapon armor

1,Sword - [Magic Item.Swords], [Magic Item.description] 1,Misc Weapon - [Magic Item.Miscellaneous Weapon], [Magic Item.description] 1,Armor - [Magic Item.Armor], [Magic Item.armor desc]


12014,2000gp 2500,2000gp and [sword weapon armor] 2500,2000gp and [Magic Item.potion] 1000,2000gp and [Magic Item.magic item] 600,2000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.potion] 300,2000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.magic item] 300,2000gp and [Magic Item.potion] and [Magic Item.magic item] 60,2000gp and [sword weapon armor]; and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.magic item]


75,2500gp 25,2500gp and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.magic item]; and [Magic Item.potion]; and [Magic Item.scroll]


1,[cache item], [cache item] 1,[cache item], [cache item], [cache item] 1,[cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item] 1,[cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item] 1,[cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item] 1,[cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item], [cache item]

cache item

4,1d4+1 flasks of lamp oil 2,1d3 flasks of orcish fire 1,1d4 flasks of moleman phosphorous oil 2,Flask of wine 2,Jug of beer 2,5 gallons of water 1,New pair of boots 2,Clean cloak 3,bandages (1d4+1 uses) 2,1d4 empty potion vials 2,6 iron spikes 2,50' rope 2,6 candles 5,1d6+1 days worth of iron rations 3,1 dwarven stoneloaf (4 meals per loaf) 1,1d3 loaves of elven waybread (each feeds 3 for a day) 1,Quart of vinegar 4,Twice baked bread 3,Small cookpot 2,Intact fire kit 2,1d3 clean bedrolls 2,1d4 clean pieces of blank paper in a scroll tube 3,Vial of writing ink 2,Bag of caltrops 2,Small hammer 2,Prybar 1,Grooming kit 1,Pouch of tobacco 1,Grease 2,Whetstone 2,Sewing kit 2,20 sling bullets 2,12 arrows 2,10 bolts 2,6 darts 2,Dagger 1,1d3 vials of acid 2,1d4 vials of holy water 2,1d3 packets of salt 2,1d4 buds of garlic 1,1d3 sprigs of wolvesbane 1,2 bronze ferry tokens 1,2 electrum ferry tokens 1,magic potion 1,magic scroll 1,magic footwear 1,magic rope 1,magic candle 1,misc magic item


1,Extra Room: the mural is another room that may be entered by climbing into the image. 1,Trapping: looks like mural is another room but traps all who enter. At ref's discretion image may be a maze that must be navigated to escape or an entire sub-level of a dungeon 1,Stairs: treat as staircase. 1,Statue: treat image as statue 1,Monsters: picture generates a monster every 1-3 turns when there are victims within 50 feet 1,Creepy: image on mural shifts and squirms, some find it disturbing. 1,Grabbing: occupants of mural capture passersby. Treat as web spell for escaping. 1,Portal: picture is magical portal leading to elsewhere. 1,Treasure Chest: picture is really a magical treasure chest holding 1d3 treasures 1,Madness: anyone who pauses to admire or examine picture is driven mad for 2d6 turns. 1,Verses: will give a cleric a bonus 1st or 2nd level spell that may be used once. 1,Glyphs: will allow a MU to re-memorize a spell they already used today.


1,Medusa Victim: 1-6 adventures or humanoids reacting in horror to spotting a Medusa (or similar monster) frozen in place. 10% chance within view of a Medusa Faced statue. 1,Medusa Faced: Anyone examining this statue must make a save or be turned to stone. 1,Toppling Titan: a large statue that is likely to fall over squashing those that don't get out of the way for 6d6 damage if they decide to tamper with it. 1,Spewing Statue: the mouth of the statue emits a Mist: [mist] 1,Gem Eyes: this very popular statue has gems for eyes (determine value of gems as per campaign). There is a 25% chance the statue has a second characteristic and a 20% chance whoever carries the gems is cursed. 1,Medallion: The statue wears a medallion/amulet or other appropriate item around it's neck. roll 1d6: 1-3 normal treasure, 4 cursed normal treasuer, 5 curse magic treasure, 6 magic treasure. There is a 25% chance the statue has another feature. 1,Armed Statue: the statue wields a forged weapon in it's hand. 33% it animates if tampered with. 20% chance it has another feature. 1,Animated Statue: as per favorite rules or HD:8 AC:2 Atks:2 Move: 3, check for reaction. 1,Granite Oracle: this statue will answer one question a day. 1:lie, 2-:nonsense, 3: riddle, 4-6: truth 1,Broken Statue: a defaced victim of turn to stone. 1,Frozen Clockwork: a mechanical man desperately in need of oil. 1,Furnace Bellied: this brass statue is warm to the touch, tampering with is might cause it to spill forth lava which will burn all within 20' for 3d6 to 8d6 damage. 1,Mimic Monument: this statue will randomly look like one of any group of observers, if that observer tampers with statue they must make a save or they will swap their mind with the statue. 1,Grabbing Statue: this statue will attempt to grab anyone tampering with it and will hold them tight until they die. 33% chance a pile of bones lies at foot of statue. 1,Water Bearer: this statue holds a vessel that may be treated as a fountain (see fountain table) 1,Trapdoor Topper: the statue stands atop a trapdoor. 33% chance it has another statue feature. 1,Whispering Wizard: there is a 33% chance it will teach a Magic-user that visit the statue a randomly determined spell of 1st to 3rd level once a week. 1,Lying Wizard: this wizardly statue will curse a Magic-User trying to wrest a spell from it as if it were a whispering wizard. 1,Silent Scribe: any message spoken to this statue will be recorded on a tablet held by the statue. Any previous message will be lost. 1,Iron Navigator: this statue will recite a verse that is a spoken treasure map 2-5 rounds after it is approached.


1,Skeletal: Undead sitting upon this throne regain hit points at a rate of 1 per turn. Living creatures will instead be grabbed and bound by skeletal arms, having their life force sucked away, recharging the skeletal throne. 1,Fraudulent Wealth: Used by pauper kings of the past, sitting upon this gold throne imbues the illusion of extreme wealth. All those who look on the user will see him as lavishly decorated with the finest clothing and jewels. The illusion lasts only 1 turn after standing from the throne. 1,Longevity: Nothing ages while sitting upon this throne. 1,Throne of the Bass: Decorated with aquatic symbols and sculptures, allows anyone sitting on the throne to breath underwater for 1-6 days. For every subsequent use, requires a save vs. spells or the throne’s effect will become permanent and user no longer able to breathe oxygen. 1,Diminutive: A tiny throne for a very small king. If a command word is spoken, the throne will grow to normal size. When the throne returns to normal, thing upon the thrown will shrink as well. 1,Clockwork: When the command word it spoken, the clockwork throne will transform into either battle robot or some sort of escape vehicle. 1,Demonic Summoning: Speak a minute long incantation to summon a demonic force. 50% chance the incantation is written in eldritch symbols on the arms of the chair. 1,Incense: Emits a slow stream of magical incense into the air when sat upon. Roll for magical incense. 1,Throne of a Thousand Faces: A thousand screaming faces decorate this iron throne. Sitting allows the user to see all invisible or incorporeal creatures as well as being able to speak to the spirits of fallen corpses. 1,Jeweled: This crystalline throne is incredibly valuable. When the user is threatened, the jeweled throne will grow to incase him, shielding the user from danger – at least temporarily. When the danger is subdued, the jeweled throne will return to normal. 1,Dungeon Master’s Seat: Will show the user the current state of any imagined room within the dungeon complex. 50% chance that the throne will also allow the Dungeon Master to modify the shape and properties of the dungeon from this chair. 1,Winter’s Grasp: Any who sit upon this throne take 2d6 points of damage, but whose touch may freeze any touched object for 1-6 turns. Deals 1d10 point of damage to touched creatures. 1,Transforming: Transforms the use unto a specific type of creatures (randomly determined). Unless a save vs. spells is made, the effect is permanent. 1,Command: Creatures must save verses spells in order to disobey a command from anyone sitting upon this throne. Requires a shared language. 1,Teleporting: As per a teleporter door. 30% chance to be a chained teleporter. Functions only when command world is spoken. 1,Alien Intellect: Anyone sitting on this throne is able to read any language. Magic-users preparing spells on this throne do so in half the time and may memorize one additional spell of each spell level the magic-user can cast. 10% chance to drive the user insane.


1,Healing: supplicant is healed 1d6 damage per 2 dungeon levels, once a day at most. 1,Blessing: supplicant is blessed for 12 turns 1,Revealing: will identify a magical item placed at it's base, 20% chance it the magical item vanishes. 1,Rebirth: will raise a corpse but might simply animate the corpse as an undead monster. The chance of getting an undead monster is 10% + 10% per raised corpse within the past week. 1,Contact Other Plane: allows user to contact other plane as per spell. 1,Clairvoyance: supplicant gains clairvoyance as spell up to 600' feet away. 1,Bloody Offerings: looks like altar of rebirth but consumes corpse. 1,Trapped: the altar is trapped (determine traps as normal for dungeon) 1,Miracles: if supplicant is spell-caster will regain a 1st or 2nd level spell up to 3 times over the next day. 1,Protective: no evil may approach within 60' of altar or commit violence into this space unless attacked from inside the space protected. 1,Conversion: any supplicant will be converted to alignment of the altar. A cleric of same alignment can convert one unwilling convert a week who fails a saving throw. 1,False Idol: the altar engravings or statuary act as a statue generated on the statue table. 1,Altar of Trials: A supplicant to this altar will be cursed. Once they return with three sacrifices or offerings to this altar the curse is removed and there is a 20% chance a random attribute is permanently raised by one point and the supplicant alignment is changed to that of the altar. Attempting to gain another ability point will be (roll 1d6): 1-2 ignored, 3-4 result in permanent curse and no ability point gains, 5-6 result in permanent curse and ability point gained (if this curse is somehow removed ability point is lost)


1,Elemental: A fire elemental dwells within the fireplace. Make a reaction check to see how it feels about being disturbed. 1,Ever Lit: The fire in this hearth will never go out. 1,Noisome Flue: A fire lit in this place will produce a mist: [mist] 1,Chef's Surprise: a cook pot used in this hearth will act as a cauldron from the cauldron table. 1,Closed Flue: a fire lit in this will fill the room with smoke in 1-2 turns. 1,False Flames: an illusion of warm flames, will not cook and will allow one to freeze to death if conditions permit. 1,Wraith Flames: any who come within 20' when a fire is lit within must save vs death or lose a level in the presence of the clearly ghostly flames. 1,Frost-fire: a fire lit in this fireplace will freeze all solid within 30' of the fireplace for as long as the fire burns should they fail a saving throw. 1,Hearth of Mysteries: A fire lit within this place will allow one resting at the hearth to use it as a fireball.


1,Mold covering other features/fixtures nearby. [property] 1,Mold covering wall, 30-180 feet covered in mold. [property] 1,Mold covering floor, 30-300 feet covered in mold. Impossible to tread on without disturbing. [property] 1,Mold covering ceiling, 30-300 feet of ceiling covered in mold. [property] 1,Jelly Roll in a patch, 5-20 feet across. Small folk may enter patch without disturbing on 1-4 in 6. [property] 1,Slime Mold covering other features/fixtures nearby. [property] 1,Slime Mold covering wall in a 20-80 foot area. [property] 1,Slime Mold covering floor in a 20-80 foot area. [property] 1,Slime Mold covering ceiling in a 20-50 foot area, anyone passing beneath may have slime drop on them on 1-2 in 6. [property] 1,Slime Mold filling room/tunnel making it impassible. [property] 1,Tiny Mushrooms in a patch 5-20 feet across. No more six inches high, it may be possible to step through area slowly at 1/1oth normal speed without disturbing fungus (1-4 in 6). [property] 1,Tiny Mushrooms covering floor. 50-300 area covered as above. [property] 1,Tiny Mushrooms growing from wall. Usually harmless unless intentionally disturbed. they cover 30-300 feet of contiguous wall. [property] 1,Large Mushrooms in a patch, these fungus grow up to 6 feet high and the caps are up to 4' in diameter in an area 5-20 feet across. Small creatures may pass enter a pacth without disturbing them 90% of the time, man-sized folk 1-4 in 6 (if moving 1/2 speed or slower). [property] 1,Large Mushrooms covering floor,as above, but 30-300 foot area. [property] 1,Large Mushrooms growing from wall, as above but 30-180 foot area. [property] 1,Giant Mushroom, one single giant mushroom grows here. It will almost reach the ceiling of its location and the cap will be 5-20 feet in diameter. [property] 1,Giant Mushrooms in a patch, 3-18 giant mushrooms each 5-20 in diameter in close proximity to each other. The patch can be safely entered by small folks, medium sized character can do so without disturbing the fungus on 1-4 in 6. Large creatures may do so only 1-2 in 6. [property] 1,Giant Mushrooms growing from wall, 30-300 of wall sprout giant fungus. The fungus grow out up 5-30 feet. Small folks may move in this space safely with a chance of 1-5 in 6. Man-sized folk are safe 1-3 in 6, large folk may only do so on 1in 6. Per 30 span. [property] 1,Giant Mushrooms filling room/tunnel. Very dense growth of giant fungus, small folk may pass through without disturbing fungus at 1-3 in 6 if moving 1/2 speed or less, man-sized for moving 1/3 speed or slower will not disturb fungus 1-2 in 6 of the time, large creatures may n0t travel through this space at all without disturbing or clearing fungus. [property] 1,Cave Coral in a patch 5-20, this crusty fungus is as hard and may sometimes support the weight of a man-sized or large creature (1-4 in d6). [property] 1,Cave Coral covering floor, in a patch 50-300 feet across, this crusty fungus is as hard and may sometimes support the weight of a man-sized or large creature (1-4 in d6). [property] 1,Cave Coral covering wall for 30-300 contiguous feet. [property] 1,Cave Coral hanging from ceiling, the cave coral hangs down 2-5 feet from ceiling. [property] 1,Cave Coral filling room/passage, area absolutely blocked by coral fungus for 50-300 feet. Cave coral may be as hard as chain-mail and has 20 hp per 10 foot section. [property] 1,Riot of Fungus a dizzy assortment of fungus grows in a patch 5-20 feet across. no more than two feet high. This patch of fungus will 1d3 features rolled on the Fungus Properties Table below. [property] 1,Riot of Fungus covering floor, as above but covering entire floor in a room or 50-300 feet of corridor, no more than two feet high. [property] 1,Riot of Fungus growing from wall, as riot of fungus but covers 30-300 feet of contiguous wall. [property] 1,Riot of Fungus hanging from ceiling, hangs 2-5 feet down from ceiling, covering 20-120 feet of area. [property] 1,riot of Fungus filling room/passage, area completely overgrown with fungus, tiny beings may be able to move through freely all other will find it impossible to move faster than 1/1oth normal speed without disturbing fungus. [property]


1,Shrieking increase chance of wandering encounters when disturbed. 1,Babbling: these fungus can be confusing to all nearby as the gibber, murmur and yammer. Those within an active an area babbling fungus must save or be confused. 1,Explosive: if disturbed these fungus explode causing 1d6 per 3 dungeon levels for every 30' covered (15 d6 max) to those up to 30' away from fungus. 1,Spore Shooting: the spores from this fungus are treated as mist, see mist table. 1,Slime Spewing: ejects green mold, grey-ooze, ochre jelly or black pudding when disturbed. 1,Mushroom Trap: much like a venus-fly trap . The tiny one are harmless. Large one or 2HD and may reach up to 5feet to bite. Giant ones are 5HD and may reach up to 3/4 their height to bite prey. Large ones may capture small prey, giant ones may capture man-sized prey. 1,Groovie Shrooms: if eaten these will cause intoxicating hallucinations for 3-18 turns. 1,Wizard's Shrooms: if eaten a by a magic0user they gain an extra casting of the spell detect-magic to use when they wish. If more extra castings are gained then the MU has levels they must save or be driven mad. 1,Deathcaps: these mushrooms are lethal poison if consumed. If gathered the poison will be useless in after one hour. 1,Chicken Shrooms: these nutritious fungus taste just like chicken. 1,Orange Shrooms: metal contacting this fungus rusts away two rounds after exposure. 1,Stinging Shrooms: this fungus shoots out spikes attacking as 4HD monster, victim must save or be 1: poisoned to death, 2-3: be confused, 4-5: fall asleep, 6: be consumed by mold as if attacked by green-slime. 1,Flash Shrooms:if disturbed they will flash with light bright enough to blind those within 30 feet for 1-6 full turns. 1,Black Spores: if disturbed this fungus emits black spores up to 20'. All who contacted the black spores will grow mold and be consumed as if by green slime. 1,Sickly White Fungus: if disturbed this fungus grows amazingly fast, filling the area and up to 20' away. Those who don't get away are trapped and will suffocate. 1,Barrel Fungus: treat the fungus as a fountain generated on the fountain sub-table. 1,Gnome Bane: this fungus emits spores that will entice gnomes up to 200' away to seek out the mushroom and eat it for 2-12 turns until their bellies are swollen. The gnomes are then relieved of the compulsion. 2-5 hours later the gnomes bellies will in fact explode killing the gnome while a fresh fungus patch begins to grow where the gnome falls. 1,Brain Eating: this fungus has an enzyme-like spore that infests anyone who touched the fungus and fails a save. They will lose 1 point of intelligence a day until cured or death at 0 intelligence. When they die they will sprout fungus. 1,Mastermind Mushrooms: these mushrooms will make mental attacks against foes within 20', those that don't save are controlled by the Mastermind Mushrooms as if by a Charm Person spell. 1,Infestor: These mushrooms taste just like chicken but if eaten the victim will lose 1d6 points of CHA each day until taken over by the fungus when 0 CHA is reached. The infested victim will act as a normal member of it's type and class but is now a fungus, PCs will be an NPC controlled by referee.


1,Poison: anyone sampling this fountain must save or suffer 6d6 damage from poison. Posion removed from this will lose potency in a minute. 1,Grog: this fountain bubbles forth potent alcohol, anyone drinking of it (even but a sip) must save or be rendered drunk and suffer a -2 to hit and save penalty for the next 1d6 hours along with other associated hazards of drunkenness. The grog will typically lose potency if carried more than 50 feet from the fountain. 1,Potion: whoever tests the potion will receives the benefits or harm from a randomly determined potion. One more dose may be taken from the potion, attempting to carry away more will cause the fountain to run dry for the next 2-7 days. 1,Boiling: The waters of this fountain will suddenly boil is disturbed causing 1d4 damage to anyone in contact, 6d6if fully immersed. Boiling water removed from the fountain will cool normally. 1,Rusty Water: anyone poking at this water must save or all metals carried will magically rust, any metal dropped in fountain waters will rust away in 1d3 rounds. The water has no power if removed from the fountain. 1,Mist: if tampered with the fountain will spew a mist: [mist] 1,Midas Water: the adventurer sampling this water must make a save or they and all their equipment will turn to gold as if turned to stone. The fountain will be potable water for next 2-12 hours. Water removed from this fountain will be harmless an potable. 1,Attached Pool: the fountain either has an attached pool or has overflowed onto the floor. [pool] 1,Fountain of Weal: the first drink from this fountain will raise an ability by one point for a week. If other drink from the fountain the same ability point will be raised for a day. Multiple drinks will have no effect and water carried away will be but normal water once carried 50 feet away. 1,Fountain of Woe: the first drink from this fountain will lower an ability point by one point for a week, successive drinks will lower an additional point and extend the duration for an addtional week. Water carried away will be but normal water once carried 50 feet away. 1,Slime Spewing: The fountain sprays forth green-slime or other such deadly creature. 1,Potable Fountain: the water will be pure and normal regardless of surrounding environment


1,Empty Cauldron: A normal empty cauldron, nothing special here. 1,Porridge Pot: This cauldron will produce 3d6+24 servings of porridge once an hour. Porridge will disappear if carried more than 100feet from cauldron. 1,Ever-needed Pot: This cauldron will produce 3d6+24 servings of porridge once an hour. Anyone who eats two or more servings of this porridge must make a saving throw or they will be magically cursed to keep eating from the cauldron. shoudl they attempt to move more then 100' away from the cauldron they will start to waste away suffering 1d3 hp a round. 1,Cauldron of Skulls: Remains placed in this cauldron will be reanimated as per animate dead. Up to 12 HD of creatures may be so created in a day. Roll to see what the animated dead do: 1- wander away, 2- attack the chef, 3-6 serve chef until destroyed. 1,Black Water: when filled with 10 gallons or more of water this large balck caldron will heat the contents which will 75% act as a fountain generated as per the fountain table. 1,Cold Brass Cauldron: if a fire is lit under this cauldron it will emit a mist: [mist]. 1,Pitted Cauldron: within this pitted and rusted cauldron one will find rotten fare and fungus. 1,Silver Cauldron: this large silver cauldron will purify foul water and rotten food placed within up to three times a day. 1,Cauldron of Boiling and Toil: This cauldron acts as a crystal ball if stirred for 3 or more rounds


1,Extra Room: another room beyond mirror, this room will appear opposite to the one the mirror is within. there could be different occupants and treasure within. 1,Mirror-men: mirror will generate simulacra of those who peer into it. On death of such a simulacra all equipment carried will shatter and crumble away to dust. If the simulacra are immediately hostile, mischievous impersonators or willing companions is all up to the ref and possibly a reaction roll. 1,Trapping: those looking into mirror will become trapped within on a failed save. Dispel magic or remove curse will might "open" the mirror allowing those inside to escape. Breaking the mirror has a 50% chance of freeing prisoners or killing them (and losing their bodies and equipment). 1,Peering: functions as crystal ball up to three times a day to anyone who recites the proper command phrase. 1,Doppler: an item (living beings aren't items) left in front of the mirror for 1-3 turns will be duplicated and can be pulled from the mirror. Only works 1-3 times a day. Magical items will not be recreated with their magical properties and gems and jewelry have a 50% chance of being valueless glass and shinny pot-metal. 1,Thieving: looks like Doppler mirror, items left in front of it will disappear (living beings aren't items). 1,Images: The mirror will hold images and acts as per a mural on the mural table. 1,Mocking: this mirror will reflect embarrassing images of those peering into the mirror. A save is required or the victim suffers a 2 point loss of charisma for a week. 1,Ego Mirror: peering into this mirror for 1-6 rounds will cause one's image to be reflected back in a more handsome and complementary manner. No save is allowed and the viewer gains one point of CHA and Loses one poitn of WIS per viewing up to 3 times a week. The effect lasts for a week. 96-100 Medusa Mirror: If one peers into this mirror there is a 33% chance a Medusa face appears in the mirror forcing ceiling the viewer to make a save or me turned to stone.


1,Shallow Pool: nothing special here the pool is only a foot or so deep. 1,Deep Pool: This pool may seem shallow on cursory observation but it is deep enough to drown those unable to swim. 1,Quicksand: The pool looks like a shallow pool but the surface beneath the water is quicksand. 1,Lava: the pool contains lava instead of water. Don't walk in the lava. 1,Kraken Pool: careful observation will reveal a kraken asleep in the bottom of the pool. It may attack if disturbed. 1,Money Changer: This pool will convert coins dipped into it's waters into coins of more valuable metal 80% of the time, 20% of the time coins will be turned to lead. Coins will dissolve if dipped in a second time. 1,Lady of the Lake: a spirit dwelling within the lake will cast a geas upon anyone disturbing it's waters. Anyone who completes the quest will be richly rewarded. 1, Transporter Pool: this seemingly deep pool will send swimmer to another pool somewhere else. 1,Treasure Pool: Treasures are visible at the bottom of a deep pool. 75% chance the treasure is real. The treasure is not always immediately visible. 1,Treasure Pool with Guardian: Treasures are visible at the bottom of a deep pool. A randomly generated monster of the appropriate level dwells at the bottom of the pool. 1,Drowned Statue: A statue lies at the bottom of this pool. 1,Murky Pool: The water is dark and clouded, the bottom can't be seen. There is a 75% chance it has another property determined on this table. Anything on the bottom will remain unseen. 1,Scummy Pool: A fetid and nasty pool, clearly filthy. There is a 33% chance it has another property determined on this table. 1,Slime Pool: This will appear to be a scummy pool as above but beneath the surface there lurks a large green-slime. 1,Rusty Pool: anyone entering this pool has all metal equipment rust away in 1-4 rounds. 1,Acid Pool: That's not water! Anything dipped or splashed by the water of this pool suffers 1d6 damage for 1-3 rounds, full immersion causes 6d6 a round. No normal container may safely carry the acid from this pool. 1,Piranha Pool: this pool is infested with cunningly hidden carnivorous fish (only seen on a 1 in 6). They will attack as a 4HD monster and inflict 1d12 points of damage. 1,Freezing Pool: pool magicall freezes in 1d3 rounds trapping all within. There is a 80% chance this pool has another feature as rolled on this table. 1,Geyser: disturbing this water activates a steaming geyser that will scald all within 30' who fail a save for 3d6 damage. 1,Frozen Pool: the pool is frozen over, the ice may break if one falls on the ice or tries to break it open. There is a 50% chance the pool has another property determined on this table.


1,Lycanthrope Fog: swirling foggy mist, heavier near the ground. Occupants that fail a save vs breath weapons will be transformed into lycanthropes (of type determined by ref)for as long as they stay within the mist and 80% of the time for up to 7-12 turns after leaving the mist, 20% of the time victims will instead be infected with normal lycanthropy afterward. 1,Healing Mist: Anyone exposed to this mist will recover 2-7 hp of damage of wounded at the time of exposure. This mist will only benefit a being once per day. 1,Midas Mist: anyone in mist must pass a save every 2 rounds or their person and all equipment carried is turned into gold (living beings will be immobile as when turned to stone). Equipment thrown into the mist doesn't turn into gold if it isn't carried by living being. 1,Purple Haze: Anyone exposed to this mist that fails a save will hallucinate and on a second failed save they will turn to stone. 1,Acid Vapor: The mists is a a cloud of acid...arg!!! The mist will do 1d6 damage per dungeon level, successful save will halve the damage. 1,Tear Gas: This mist overcomes victims who will cough and be overcome with tears for 1-4 rounds after exposure. 1,Choking Cloud: A failed save overcomes a victim who suffers 1d3 damage a round in the mist. A save is allowed each round. If three saves in a row fail the victim will be overcome and helpless within the mist and will take damage each round with no save. 1,Feeble Vapor: this mist will cause the victim to have their strength reduced to 1/2 normal. Monsters without scores will attack at 1/2 HD and inflict 1/2 damage. Those suffering from the feeble vapor will continue to suffer for 7-12 full turns. 1,Rusting Fumes: metals will magically rust on second and following rounds of exposure. 1,Dense Fog: vision is reduced to but 10' within the mist even to those with special forms of vision. 1,Fog Beast: as dense fog above plus a monster will occupy the mist that may not be harmed by attacks launched from outside the fog. 1,Soporific Cloud: anyone failing a save in this cloud will fall asleep for 7-12 hours. Normal means will not wake them. 1,Luminous Green Mist: anyone passing through the cloud will glow with a green light for 3 full turns afterward. 1,Explosive Fumes: This mist will smell slightly of rotten eggs, any open flames will cause the cloud to explode inflicting 2d6 damage of fiery carnage per dungeon level to all within (dissipating the gas for a hour if a constant hazard). 1,Spooky Mist: this oddly clinging and swirling mist is harmless but any undead within may not be turned. 1,Phantom Fog: this swirling and shifting cloud of fog will sport the occasional fearsome face and spectral form. Those of 3rd level or less must make a morale save to enter or operate effectively inside a mist. Undead within may not be turned. 1,Ghastly Vapors: These vapors appear to be a spooky mist or phantom fog but anyone lingering in this mist for more then a round must save vs death or lose an energy level. Anyone who dies in these vapors will be lost as will all gear they carried. Undead within may not be turned and will recover 2 hp a round if harmed. 1,Fog of War: all within who fail a save will strike violently at anyone within reach. Those leaving the mist will attack the nearest being for 1d4 rounds.


1,Pale Creepers: these pale unexciting roots don't do much at all but explorers will not always know that. 1,Blood Saps: these roots will attack at a monster of their dungeon level and will drain 1d6 each round until the victim is drained of all blood. 1,Thorny: these roots are covered in thorns, anyone moving quickly through them may be slightly harmed if they are unlucky. Make a 1HD attack for 1-3 damage if feeling cruel. 1,Constricting Creepers: these roots will react to contact by animating and attempting to strangle or crush victims. Attack as monster of dungeon level and the round after a successful hit they will inflict 1d6 damage per 3 dungeon levels automatically. 1,Thorny Tentacles: These roots will attack intruders and are able to reach up to 10' away. They atatck as monster of their dungeon level inflicting 1d6 damage per 2 dungeon levels. 1,Tangle Roots: these roots will animate and grab passers-by but cause no damage. treat as a web spell to escape. 1,Dart Roots: these thorny roots can fire 1-4 darts a round (per 10foot section) at passers-by inflicting 1-3 points of damage per hit. 1,Deadly Dart Roots: these thorny roots fire 1-3 darts a round (per 10 foot section) 1,Tap Roots: these roots are liquid filled and each 10' section can be tapped into to gather a gallon of water if one waits 2 turns. They will run dry for a day afterward. 1,Alchemy Roots: these roots are filled with liquid filled and each 10' section can be tapped into to gather a dose of potion if one waits 2 turns. They will be dry for a month afterward. 1,Toxic Tap Roots: these roots are filled with liquid that will poison one who sips the liquid from within. If tapped one does of poison can be collected per 10 foot section if one waits 2 turns. They will run dry for a week afterward. 1,Dew Roots: these roots will emit a mist if cut. [mist] 1,Pump Roots: these roots if cut will start to flood the area they occupy and form a pool in 2d6 rounds. [pool] 1,Whisper Roots: If cut these roots allow one to hear what is spoken near other cut sections of whisper roots. The cuts will seal within 3 days. 1,Red Roots: these roots are harmless 50% of the time otherwise they will strike for no damage but will rust a random piece of exposed metal equipment. 1,Tater Roots: these roots are nourishing a 10' section will provide 1-3 days rations if harvested. It will take a full turn of work to harvest one day of food. 1,Black Gusher: if cut this root will spray forth oil that will ignite as a thrown flask of burning oil if there are flames within 10' of the cut. A 10' section can be taped in but 3 rounds to supply a flask of oil and may be tapped again in an hour.


20,Locked 10,Sealed 5,Wizard Locked 35,Stuck 10,Heavy 20,Free


1,Pitfall: Surprise surprise the Trapdoor is over a pitfall, adventurers tampering with it will fall in on a roll of 1-2 in 6. (re-roll if this trapdoor is in the ceiling) 1,Pest Hole: a nest of monsters dwells in a small chamber beyond the trapdoor. 1,Threshold: the trapdoor leads to a room/chamber of the same size as the current one (or 30feet by 30 feet if found in a corridor), this room is otherwise as ordinary as other rooms in the dungeon. 1,Gateway: This trapdoor connects to another level (or sub level) 1,Treasure Cache: a nook beyond the trapdoor contains a treasure. Treasure may be trapped. 1,Misty Barrier: opening this trapdoor causes a mist to billow forth. (see Mist table). Examining the trapdoor carefully could reveal a small amount of the mist (1 chance in 6), that will not harm or benefit anyone but serve to forewarn dungeoneers. 1,Dungeoneer's Cache: other adventurers have stowed supplies here in the past. [cache]


1,Sliding Bookshelf: Pull on specific book to open doorway. Will remain open for 1-4 turns before closing. 1,Stone Mouth: Enter through the month of a stone face. 2 in 6 chance the mouth will close. Characters attempting to jump back through the mouth must save vs. paralysis or take 3d6 points of damage as it closes on top of them. Mouth will reopen 1-6 days later. 1,Hidden by Tapestry: Usually something symbolic of what’s in the passages to come. 20% chance to combine with Murals table. 1,Teleporter: Leads somewhere else in the dungeon. 10% of teleporters will lead to a different plane/world/planet/elsewhere. 10% chance there is no back-teleporter on the other side. 1,Chained Teleporter: A teleporter with many possible exists. Most will allow the user to choose which destination based on sight. 10% will spit the user out at a random doorway. 1,False Teleporter: Doorway appears to lead to another plane/world/planet/elsewhere, but it’s just an illusion and the characters pop out in the passage on the other side. 1,Alarm: Will set of some sort of alarm when crossed, usually a bell, gong, or magical wiz. 1,False Passageway: There’s only an illusion of a passage on the other side. 1,Dispelling: Anything that crosses this doorway acts as if it has had dispel magical cast upon it. 1,Magic Veil: Appears as a shimmery black liquid surface, but it’s usually just there for style. 20% chance to combine with another result. 1,Huge Mouth: Leads into what looks like a wet, sticky, blubbery, airy chamber. In reality, it leads into the mouth of a huge beast. Astute characters (Wis 16+) will realize the passage is breathing. 1,Wardrobe: Wardrobe has no backing and leads into a passage beyond. 10% wardrobe is also a teleporter. 1,Selective: Only characters of a certain 1-2) race, 3-4) class, 5-6) alignment may cross. 1,Reverser: While believing themselves to be moving onward, the doorway has really just leads back to itself, causing the character to unknowingly turn back the way they’re came. 1,Delusion: Intelligence creatures crossing this door believe themselves to be under the effects of some powerful magic. 80% magic-user spell/20% clerical. 75-79 Force Field: Can see what’s on the other side, but there’s no getting through without the use of magic. 80 Collapsing: 2 in 6 chance to collapse when entered. Creatures must have versus paralysis or take 3d6 points of damage. 1,Illusory Doorway: Illusion makes this doorway appear like it’s just another part of the wall. 10% chance to combine with another result. 1,Chained Beast: There is some sort of beast chained to the doorway, usually slightly tougher than what is appropriate for that level of the dungeon. Make sure the party doesn’t see it coming or has some sort of missile weapon or a long tongue. 1,Fireplace: This fireplace has no back. Normally when the fire is out it is safe to cross through. 20% chance to combine with Fireplace table. 1,Magic Glow: All magic items that cross the doorway will glow a brilliant aqua with the strength of a torch. Used by dungeon dwellers to pick out choice targets – either for safety or loot. 1,Anti –Gravity: Creatures and objects that cross this door will feel the opposite effects from gravity until the doorways is once again crossed.


4,[depth] deep pit [bottom] 4,[Ranged Attacks] 4,[Melee Attacks] 2,[Spells] 2,[Magical Devices] 2,[Vents] 1,[Restraints] 1,[Special]


1,[depth] deep pit [bottom] AND [Vents] 1,[Restraints] AND [Spells] 1,[Melee Attacks] AND [Vents] 1,[Restraints] AND [Magical Devices]


1,Slime 2,Shrapnel 1,Cold 1,Acid 1,Boiling Water 2,Flaming Oil 1,Sewage 1,Mummy Dust 1,Poison 1,Dust of sneezing and choking 1,Fire 1,Stinking Cloud 1,Smoke 1,Methane 1,Freezing Water 1,Sand 1,Steam 1,Sulphur


2,Bear Traps 2,Caltrops 2,Greasy Oil 2,Cage 2,Ball Bearings 2,Monster 2,Darkness 2,Slope or slide 1,Teleporter

Magical Devices

1,Acid Arrow 1,Burning Hands 1,Cone of Cold 1,Lightning Bolt 1,Fireball 1,Silence 1,Stinking Cloud 1,Curse 1,Chain Lightning 1,Inflict Wounds 1,Magic Missile 1,Flame Strike 1,Power Word Kill 1,Prismatic Spray 1,Cause Disease 1,Summon Monster 1,Phantasmal Killer 1,Wall of Fire 1,Web 1,Sleep


1,Symbol 1,Alarm 1,Fire Trap 1,Wyvern Watch 1,Blade Barrier 1,Glyph of Warding 1,False Trap 1,Sepia Snake Sigil 1,Explosive Runes

Ranged Attacks

1,arrow 1,javelin 1,bolt 1,bullet 1,dart 1,acid 1,spear 1,stone

Melee Attacks

1,descending blade 1,crushing block 1,pendulum 1,spear thrust 1,blade slash


1,10' 1,20' 1,30' 1,40' 1,50' 1,60'


1,with spikes at the bottom 1,with poison spikes at the bottom 1,with water at the bottom 1,with acid at the bottom 1,with a monster at the bottom ([Level 6 Monster.monster]


4,Latch/Switch 4,Pressure plate 4,Tripwire 1,Proximity 1,Light Detection 1,Timed 1,Sound 2,Visual 1,Touch


1,1d4 1,1d6 1,1d8 1,2d4 1,1d10 1,1d12 1,2d6